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Friday Talks                                                           Donate to buy a land for a mosque

Eid Talks

List of Eid Talks

Alaqsa Mosque


Ramadan lessons                                                   

Daily or weekly lessons are given at many mosques during the month of Ramadan. Some are given after Asr prayer. Here is a list of some of the lessons given at our local mosque.


Ramadan lessons


1) Fasting.

2) The last ten days of Ramadan

3) Zakah (Alms).

Alaqsa Mosque

What is Islam? and Why Islam? Video Clips.


A collection of a few short clips of very interesting material about some aspects of Islam and Muslims and some long documentaries.


What some Muslims think, and what some new Muslims think. Also some non-Muslims.


About Allah, Muhammad, and ordinary Muslims.


About some aspects of the Islamic rituals like Hajj, Prayers, and the History of Islam in Europe.


Please have a look, I am sure you will find something you like.



Islamic Video Clips




If you have any video clip you want to send me, then please do.




Islamic Art and Architecture



Power Point Slide Shows

          Don't forget to click the left button of the mouse to see each screen.

          When you finish each show click (Back) or hit the Escape key.


When you select one of the slide shows, please give it some time to load.


   1)    The verse of the Throne (Ayat Kursi)


   2)    Speaking of the name of Allah


   3)    To my dear son


   4)    Thinking of Allah


   5)    The Five Prayers


   6)    Subhanan Allah (Praise be to Allah)


   7)    Islam in Poems


   8)   Pick and choose, see what you want.


   9)   What others think of Islam and Muhammad?


  10)  Large and small, Power of  Ten.


  11)  Creation of Allah. Planets and the universe.


  12)  Creation of Allah. The gigantic and the minute.


  13)  Creation of Allah. Life in the womb.


  14)  My private Ramadan.


  15)  The Triple Filter Test.








General Material


for each prayer for any city round the world




         A film discussing the miracles of the Quran.















Links to other websites


  • Important or useful Links


1) A prayers times page for any city

2)  Quran recitation and downloading 

3) An illustrated book about Islam 

4) Friday Khutba Training

4) Islam World. Lots of information.

5) Date conversion from and to Hijri

6) Al-Islam on Line.

7) Mission Islam. has lovely material for kids

8) Language Learning free on line including English and Arabic.

9) Prayers of the Prophet. (Prayers, Duaa and supplications)

10) Quran in all languages (alketab.com)


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