Opening Statement of Friday Khutba




The following are examples of statements which are often used by many speakers an opening to the main Friday talk. There are actually more than would normally be used at single talk. So you may pick and choose the sentences to make your own introduction.


In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful


All thanks be to Allah. We thank Him, we seek His help and His forgiveness. We repent to Him, and we ask Him to protect us and guard us from the evil within ourselves, and the evil of our deeds.


Those who are guided by Allah, nothing shall misguide them, and those who are misguided by Allah; nothing shall guide them.


I bear witness that there is no God but Allah, the one; the only; who has no associates. And I bear witness that Mohammad (PPBU) is His slave and His messenger. Allah (may He be exulted) sent him with the guidance and the true religion. He delivered the message, and fulfilled what he was entrusted with. He counseled the nation, and strived in the way of Allah true striving. May Allah peace and prayers be upon him and upon his people, companions and all those who live like them to the day of resurrection.

Allah says: {O you believers fear Allah His deserving fear. And only die as Muslims} 3-102

Allah also says: {O people fear your God who created you from one soul, and from it He created its soul mate. And from them he transcended many men and women. And fear Allah about whom you shall be questioned and about the kin relatives. Surly, Allah is ever the all watcher over you.} 4-1

{O ye who believe! Be God fearing, and speak words which are valid and proper and straight; (70) He will make your deeds right and will forgive you your sins. Whosoever obeys Allah and His messenger, he verily has gained a great victory. (71)} 33:70-71.


The most truthful words are those in Allahs book, and the best guidance is that guidance of His messenger Muhammad (PPBU), and the worst of all matters are the innovated matters, and each innovation is a new addition, and every addition is a misguidance, and each misguidance is in Hellfire.

All thanks be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. Peace and prayers be upon the most honorable of all messengers Mohammad; and all his folks, companions, and followers to the day they are all summoned together.

I advice all of you and my self to fear Allah at all times. Ask Him to help and assist you to obey Him and to stay on the straight path, and to hold on to the faith. He (praise be to Him) is the supporter, helper and adjuvant.

I advice you as well as I; to fear Allah. This who does not fear Allah will not be able to distinguish between different paths. Allah says: {if you fear Allah then He will provide you with the power of distinction} 8-29.

For this who heeds off warnings and risks; no distance shall be too far. And for this who keeps hoping to do good deeds and postponing it to the future, his/her deed will be so little. And all we are told that will be coming; is in fact nearer than we think.

Allah did not create you in vain; and He is not leaving you unaccounted. Take provisions from this life; which will protect you in the next life. For time of death is hidden from us; and to keep hoping or expecting to do things in plenty of time in the future. The future in which you trust that there is going to be long and plenty of time; is illusive and can betray you. For you can die a lot sooner than you think.



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