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Images of the way Palestinian children and people are being treated by the occupying force of Israel. After they are displaced, they suffer daily humiliation. Imagine if your child is subjected to this . . .


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Photo  01


Hands up !!! 



Photo  02

Do you see how peaceful they feel??



Photo  03

Search the terrorist.. befor he goes into Junior Infants class,,,



Photo  04

Search the other terrorist..



Photo  05

Nice to have an angel looking after one-self on one's way to school.. 

The boy doesn't seem to trust the soldier.. would you?? 

Photo  06

"Block the terrorist.. "

Don't these solders have children? just like him.. young and innocent... 

How could a human being mistreats or terrorisea such a child, or deny him his basic rights ,,


Photo  07

"Put your hands over your head . . . "


Photo  08

Who is threatening who ?? Is there really any need to treat an angel this way??


Photo  09

"Keep your hands up and don't get any closer.. "



Photo  10

Wait before you go into class,,,



Photo  11

School is over, Go home in peace


Photo  12

Look closely at the faces . . 



Photo  13

They've learnt their lesson for the day . . 


Photo  14

School homework has to be done ..  in what's left of the house. 

Its a miracle they can concentrate on anything, when the basic right for a home is denied to them.

Photo  15

This mother is another terrorist. Imagine,, she is trying to protect her child !!. 

I would love to know how did the soldier feel that moment?? So,, confident, so manly?? or so sickening 

Photo  16

Neither side appreciates how powerful the opposite side is...


Photo  17

The war of the two equal powers, who is going to win ?


Photo  18



Photo  19

How Palestenians get treated by government officials


Photo  20

and how Palestenians get treated by Isralies under the supervision of Government officials


Photo  21

He didn't say "Good morning..."


Photo  22

Terror !! ..  who is,, or who are the terrorists? He must be sending the fear into them 

Or is it the other way round?


Photo  23

Does this soldier deserve a bravery medal ?? or deserve to be tried as a criminal ?

His face says it all,, see how he seems to enjoy that !!   He needs to be treated.


Photo  24

Wow,, I am glad my son is not subjected to this rough, degrading and frightening experience...

But why should any child be??

Photo  25

How about these brave soldiers ?? 


Photo  26

No comment ... no words can describe how this boy was feeling then... his face tells it all. 


Photo  27

Is this what an army should do? rounding up children!! mistreating children!


Photo  28

The Israli secret service police mingling amongst the Palestinian children, innitiating trouble and then arresting them


Photo  29

Palestinian children can see now how they are going to be treated in a few years time when they become teenagers.. 

Just like how their older brothers and sisters are being treated now.


Photo  30

How long must I stay behind these barbed wires ? And why ? What's on the other side ? Is there a better world ?



Photo  31

I wish I were a bird !! 




The way I see it, No matter what the situation is,, any children must never and should never be treated this way.

The least the Israeli government should do is instruct its soldiers to observe some sort of minimum level of human acceptable code of conduct with regard to the treatment of children. But that would be expected from a civilised government. I blame the rest of the world for allowing this to happen and to continue happening.

Children growing up in such circumstances are likely to develop behaviour for revenge and settling of old scores.


If you have a photograph of Palestinian children or youth suffering at the hands of the Israelis, if you wish it to be displayed, or if you have a comment on any of the photos, please do email it to me..