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    أفلام عامة عن الإسلام            






General Islam Videos

The messenger (PPBU)

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How they became Muslims?

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How did Mhmd know that?

Problem with Islam

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I am a Muslim






Why Islam



Taking your last breath














أفلام عامة

الرسول الكريم


كيف دخلوا الإسلام؟


كيف عرف محمد ذلك؟

المشكلة في الإسلام

أغاني إسلامية

أغاني أطفال



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A collection of a few short clips of very interesting material about some aspects of Islam and Muslims.


What some Muslims think, and what some new Muslims think. Also some non-Muslims.


About Allah, Muhammad, and ordinary Muslims.


About some aspects of the Islamic rituals like Hajj, Prayers etc.


Please have a look, I am sure you will find something you like.


Enjoy the videos.



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